My favorite transhumanist quotes

”Your mind is software. Program it.
Your body is a shell. Change it.
Death is a disease. Cure it.
Extinction is approaching. Fight it.” Eclipse Phase

”Man is an artifact designed for space travel. He is not designed to remain in his present biologic state any more than a tadpole is designed to remain a tadpole.”William S.  Burroughs

”Will robots inherit the earth? Yes, but they will be our children. We owe our minds to the deaths and lives of all the creatures that were ever engaged in the struggle called Evolution. Our job is to see that all this work shall not end up in meaningless waste.” – Marvin Minsky

”It may be that our role on this planet is not to worship God – but to create him.” – Arthur C. Clarke

“It is estimated that from the start of humanity until the present day, 107 billion humans have lived ‘or are’ living, with a billions more to come, so on behalf of those who have died, those who now live, and those humans who will live but are not yet alive, we have both a self-interest ‘and’ an empathetic reason toward all, for ensuring that all of the voices of the dead are heard, that those alive don’t die, and that those who are to be born have a future of greatness, health, life, and never-ending evolution to engage into the coming infinity with vigor,strength, love, and passion.

We are the Transhumanists. We are the Singularitarians.

Bringing life, light, and knowledge to the universe …and beyond…and the never ending to learn and create with joy and abundance, is our goal and our destiny as a human species, as a Transhuman species, and as a Singularitarian species.

This is our destiny, and we embrace it.

We exist to bring light to the the darkness of the universe.” – Kevin George Haskell

“And then, the Earth being small, mankind will migrate into space, and will cross the airless Saharas which separate planet from planet and sun from sun. The Earth will become a Holy Land which will be visited by pilgrims from all the quarters of the Universe. Finally, men will master the forces of Nature; they will become themselves architects of systems, manufacturers of worlds.”Winwood Reade

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